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Autumn Gold Slots

Now the summer is arriving, the temperature is getting colder – and so are the stakes in the game we will introduce here.

Autumn Gold, a simple and cute video slot from Eyecon, features simple graphics. It is as simple as you imagine, but many winning opportunities exist. There is also some stuff in stock for the lucky players.

In our Autumn Gold review, we will go into detail about the game.

Nice and Quiet

Autumn Gold is an understated slot machine game. Get ready to relax and forget about the bright colors and animated graphics.

The reels and buttons dominate the game screen. The autumnal landscape is always visible in the background. The trees’ leaves have completely turned orange, a gentle breeze blows across the screen, and the gentle hills extend to the horizon.

Autumn Gold has a fascinating game universe and is unique. Next, we’ll see how the game plays.

Compact Settings for Quick Start

Autumn Gold is a simple game.

The game matrix is only comprised of 3 reels with nine pay lines. You can win cash by landing identical symbols on activated pay lines. You can use the command buttons to select a bet and start as many lines as you like for your next spin. A simple mini-game called Double-or-Nothing is available after a winning spin. You can try this game if you desire to double your winnings instantly.

Autumn Gold rewards are based on how much money you put down. The game can run with a constant bet, and you can choose the wager that you prefer and play the auto spin mode.

You need to know the basic points to win.

Autumn Gold’s basic paytable is compact, with only a few cute and original symbols.

The most commonly seen symbols in the game include mushrooms, pumpkins, and jam jars. You can win ten credits if you get three identical symbols in a winning combination.

You’ll need to learn the features to have even more fun with Autumn Gold and win bigger. Autumn Gold’s boots, squirrel, and owl symbols are rare but also more valuable. Three owls adequately aligned on the screen will earn you 300 credits, which is significant.

Some Straightforward Bonuses

It is the classic bonus symbol and acts as a Wild Card. It can be employed to substitute any of the characters so far. This will give you another opportunity to win a cash prize. Logo combinations are worth 1,000 credits.

Maple leaves are scattered. This means you only need to see 3 of them anywhere in the game to activate a bonus round. The leaves will trigger a match with eight free spins, where all payouts will be automatically tripled. Each time the maple leaves appear, they award a small prize. This prize will automatically be added to any free spins you have won.

Another scatter is the pink umbrella. You can play a mini-game by finding three pink umbrellas. Each of your three choices can be worth 111 times your initial bet. It’s all down to luck, so relax and trust your gut.

When simplicity meets efficiency

Autumn Gold is an incredibly discrete slot game. It has all the components that create a terrific game. It may have more of them than other more complex games.

Multiple scatters can be a great addition to the game, especially when you simultaneously hit both combinations. Free spins can be crucial to winning big quickly, thanks to the generous x3 multiplier. So pay attention to those pretty maple leaves.