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Crystal Cyclone Slot

Sometimes the most extraordinary developments in casino slot machines have little to do with the actual slot machines themselves. Recent games have seen an increase in linked bonus features. These include linked jackpots and bonus rounds available to all players at any island of devices.

The Crystal Cyclone from Konami is one of the most recent innovations in the casino industry. This linked jackpot system can be used with any of the classic Konami slots. It can sit in the middle of any bank with as many machines as players want. A bonus round is when one or more players trigger. This allows them to see a physical game in the middle area. Many jackpots can be won.

The Eye of the Storm

The Konami Crystal Cyclone video slots system was unveiled at the 2016 Global Gaming Expo. It is a bonus system that can combine with other games from the developer to add a community element to the action. Although it isn’t yet available in live casinos, it has been confirmed by Konami that it can support up to 100 stations. This allows operators to make tables as large or small as they want to keep this feature.

This feature combines traditional casino slots with arcade-like features. This option offers progressive jackpots and other rewards rather than having everything determined by random number generators. It is attractive for gamblers who prefer to see action using actual objects and not a mysterious RNG.

They Move All Around

Here’s how it works. The Crystal Cyclone bonus feature will start when one or more players activate a unique feature. The center wheel will spin around and release several balls, which will fall into several holes. Some of the spots in this mini-game offer fixed coin prizes, while others tie to progressive jackpots.

The jackpots are more challenging to win, so it’s impossible just to hit one ball. We saw a demo version with dozens of balls. There were also many instant credit prize slots and three jackpot areas: the mini, central, and maxi rewards. To win the mini-progressive, you need to cover all three areas. The major requires five balls, while the major requires six.

Each bonus round ends with the total of the rewards being added up and distributed to the players. Players will usually walk away feeling satisfied after hitting each non-jackpot position.

A Wheel of Prizes

Once installed on casino floors, the Crystal Cyclone slot terminals will become a big hit. It’s great to share the excitement of winning jackpots with others. That’s why craps and roulette are so popular. This element is often needed when players play real money on slot machines. Features like this allow players to win cash together. We can’t promise that the Konami classic slots will appear in these units, but we are looking forward to playing Crystal Cyclone.